Yanni-World Without Borders

„I believe music represents humanity’s soul!  If our souls can come together in music, they can come together anywhere, and as a race we can achieve harmony and peace.” Yanni

Saying that Yanni is an talented artist is superficial. In fact, is more than that.

Every artist has his own way to create. Some of them are natural born talented. Some of them study and apply what they have learned. And some of them follow rules settled by others, step 1, step 2.

Yanni creates differently. He follows the path of his soul. „My music is my soul.”

In chinese metaphysic, Yanni is Yang Wood, as Day master, symbolised by a strong tree, helped in its growth and that is constantly developing.

His parents encouraged him to follow a music career.

Yanni left his home country, Greece, for US, to follow Phihology University Minisota. He wanted to understand human phyche, emotions („I have always been fascinated by human psyche. Philosophy has been a big influence in my music”), reading and studing since teenage greek phylosopher, but also Freud, Jung. After graduated, he took a break, for one year, when to dedicate himself to music and see what may come from here. At the end of that year, he decided to follow a career as musician.

Usually, an artist need to have in his chart the element that his Day master produces. Being an Wood element, he produces Fire. But surprisingly, he has barely Fire in his chart, which is very weak. And I questioned myself: How he creates music like that?

Well, this happened, as he follows his soul when he sings. Arman Asassian, concert master for some of his tours in the past, said about Yanni that he is very honest about his feelings and his music really comes from his heart.

„I trust instincts. I have always wanted to find out for myself. I trust that life will guide me into this power. All you need is passion and trust and you will create talent.” 

Yanni made wise choices in his life. Both activities, as psychologist and as a musician, follow the strongest element in his chart, meaning Water element.

„My job is to entertain people”. Playing an musical instrument represent Water element. Even if he had chosen a career as psychologist, he  wolud have made a good choice, because he would have followed the same element of Water. Both choices had been taken by his soul, not for pragmatic reasons.

All that he did in his life was to follow the path of his soul.Didn’t make any compromises. He fulfilled all his greatest dreams.

Yanni, Live at Acropolis-1993, is the second best selling album all times (after Thriller-Michael Jackson). On that times, there was neither internet, nor Youtube. People were looking for videotapes, DVDs. It was transmitted în 65 countries.

He performed concert events in many historical places, like Taj Mahal, Forbidden City, Pyramids of Egypt, Albert Hall London, Unesco El Morro Castle Porto Rico, Kremlin, Amman Citadel, and also nearby  Burj Khalifa, Dubai. His dreams from younger times became a reality.

How was it posibble? Well, Yanni is a Chief of 7 stars, in his Qimen  chart. A 7 star Chief fulfills all his dreams, if he pursue them with determination, perseverence, focusing and a lot of passion. A kind Chief, gentle, humble (in sens of respect, not of an inferiority!), great by his modesty, common sense, compassionate. Inspirational, by the message of his music. A true Chief, a leader for his team.

His Day Master, Wood, is strong

enough. Wood, if have Water around can grow in a harmonious way, beautiful and being born in winter month,  Water is strong. Wood Day master reaches its potential when manifest opening to do things, to people, to new, and to growth and permanent developing.

Yanni is very much loved by his fans just for this his opening, by a very good communication with his public. I confess that I’ve never seen an artist that should offer sesions of hugs to his fans, as you can see here. So much love for life, and for people, so much joy in his heart (mediteranean spirit made its mark), for such a great artist is unusual. In the last years, Yanni performed many concerts in America, only himself on stage, and his piano, where he talk a lot with the public, fans address questions, sometime step on the stage, he  answers and there is a wonderful connection between them. It is brilliantly the way his Wood reaches the highest potential. Wood opens the gate to new opportunities, brings opening to do new things, to find new paths and if it is helped by the wisdom of Water, if he has an open mind and attitude towards humans, his Day master finds fulfillment.

Then Wood creates Fire, the element of passion, optimism, enthusiasm. Fire warms his cold chart and is favorable.

There is little Metal in his chart, the element that controls Wood, and is weak, so that Yanni didn’t feel constrained all his life to do what he wanted. Beside, his palace of soul is the same as his palace of destiny, which means he does what he wants, all that his soul tells him. And the gate of his life is Rest door-he is living life in peace, calm, detached.

Chief of 7 stars has all the freedom to do what he wants in life. But the most precious gift of him is the opening to humanity. He impacts large masses of people and is known worldwide. His projects were magnificent, he was looking to perform in places where no western artist did. He has an wide vision, that includes all humanity. His natal palace and soul palace are in an adjacent positions (He tu) to the palace of great visions-9 Heaven, which it produces. His soul produces his visions.

Compasion, empathy, kindness, gentles, simplicity, giving value and respect  for the musicians of his band and also for his fans, all these are feathures distinctive for a Chief, and are found in his behavior.

Another distinctive fact: he performs his own music, composed by himself, he do not play music from other musicians. Besides this, his music is therapeutic, as is it created by love vibration.

What means all these? If some of us seems to be more favored by nature, and the path of life opened much easier, if no perseverance, strong will, and a lot of work, the success cannot be present for long time. But Yanni is able to spend a whole day in his studio, playing till he finds the perfect sound, and don’t need food.

He became worldwide known at the age of 39, when Acropolis concert was released, eventhough much part of his songs had been released till that age, truly magnificent songs. But he pursued follow his dreams.

The path of his life follows 2 elements of his chart: the strongest element, that brings most opportunities and his own element, that defines him, which is also pretty strong. This is an ideal combination, especially if these two elements are in a production cycle.

With his optimism, passion and love for life, I am confident that Yanni will give us great moments listening his brilliant music.

“I know that our world is going through a very difficult time right now, but I will never lose my faith in humanity, and our incredible ability to overcome just about anything.” Yanni. 





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